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Maximize the Value of Your Supplier Relationships

Your suppliers are critical to your success. And the best suppliers help you achieve greater product innovation, identify and implement cost improvements, deliver greater value to your customers, and drive profitable growth. As such, suppliers should be viewed as an extension of your enterprise. They need to be communicated with, understood, managed, challenged, rewarded, valued and encouraged in much the same way as you manage your own organization.

Directworks’ Supplier Value Management solutions enable you to more effectively engage your suppliers, achieve deeper insight into key supplier information, monitor and address any supply concerns, and capture greater value from your supplier relationships.


Take your supplier relationships to the next level with Directworks’ collection of Supplier Value Management solutions.

Directworks is a platform built to enable greater stakeholder and supplier engagement. These additional, fully-integrated solutions enable you to achieve greater supplier insight, monitor and address concerns, and capture more value from your supplier relationships.

Supply Value Management

Supplier Capabilities

Understand production capabilities based on commodities produced, personnel, equipment, operations, and R&D assets.

Supply Value Management

Supplier Capacities

Qualify and monitor production capacities at individual part level and in aggregate.

Supply Value Management

Supplier Compliance

Collect, monitor, and report on compliance with regulatory requirements at the supplier or part level.

Supplier Value Management

Supplier Performance

Monitor quality, delivery, and other key performance metrics.

Supply Value Management

Supplier Risk

Monitor critical risk factors (e.g. financial, geographic, reputational).

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