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Manage Suppliers Through Parts Qualification and Launch Products Faster

Qualifying and validating a supplier’s parts, production capabilities, and capacity is the critical process that bridges the gap between strategic sourcing and the start of production.

Directworks Supplier Parts Qualification allows you to automate and professionally manage this critical approval process to achieve flawless product launches and accelerate your speed to market.


Confirm your suppliers’ readiness to join your product supply chain.

Designed to fill a key process automation gap, Directworks Supplier Parts Qualification is a flexible solution built to support any supplier
or part qualification process, regardless of which industry standard applies to your business, and help you achieve faster
and flawless product launches.

Directworks Supplier Parts Qualification enables you to:

  • Configure and automate your unique qualification processes, forms and templates, and workflows in an enterprise system to standardize work and promote best practices
  • Securely incorporate technical design documents, including 2D drawings and 3D models, directly into your qualification process to clearly communicate design specifications and requirements to suppliers
  • Manage the assignment of tasks and due dates, track progress toward completion, collect and store documents, and maintain a complete history of all activities and discussions

Key features of Directworks Supplier Parts Qualification include:

  • Configuration and automation of your qualification processes, data collection and reporting templates, and workflows
  • Secure sharing of technical documents, including mark-up and discussions
  • Unlimited, but controlled, access for your cross-functional teams and your suppliers
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