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Achieve Target Costs and Get to Market Faster

Manufacturers must meet or beat the target cost for the purchased parts in a bill-of-materials (BOM) to achieve the gross margin required for a product to be launched successfully. That means quickly identifying qualified suppliers for those parts, tracking the actual BOM cost against the target cost, and taking action as required to achieve target cost, often through multiple revisions and versions of the BOM.

Directworks Product Manager enables you to collaboratively manage a product’s BOM through supplier selection and costing activities to meet or beat target cost and get to market faster than your competition. And once the product is launched and in production, Product Manager supports the management of any supplier-related initiatives to maximize product sales and profitability.


Built for the product cost management requirements of manufacturers.

Born from a glaring opportunity for a better way, Directworks Product Manager is built to support the achievement of direct materials cost targets and help manufacturers accelerate the launch of their products into the market.

Directworks Product Manager enables you to:

  • Professionally manage a BOM through supplier selection and costing and get to market faster
  • Engage stakeholders and suppliers earlier in the product development process to collaborate on cost improvements
  • Identify product cost concerns while you still have time to make design or supplier changes to achieve target cost at launch

Key features of Directworks Product Manager include:

  • Importing and maintenance of the BOM through the costing process, including multiple revisions and versions
  • Dynamic tracking of supplier selection and progress toward target cost
  • Project management: launch business processes, assign activities, monitor progress and manage approvals to achieve the BOM target cost
  • What-if scenario analysis: assess the impact of design and supplier changes on the cost of the BOM
  • Unlimited, but controlled, access for your cross-functional stakeholders and your suppliers
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