Directworks Release 4

Directworks Release 4

New solutions.
More capabilities.
Happy users.

  • Directworks Product Manager
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Directworks 4

Directworks 4 is our most market-driven release to date and reinforces our commitment to provide innovative, industry-specific solutions that help our customers develop, launch and deliver more profitable products.

And make them smile.

Release 4 marks the production debut of Directworks’ Product Manager and Supplier Parts Qualification solution modules, which were co-developed with selected customers to enable more successful product launches and greater profitability.

If you would like to learn more about Directworks and our solutions, please contact us at 724-933-1180, or request a demo.


The Advantages of Using Directworks


Select the best suppliers

Directworks enables you to quickly and securely share requirements, including technical designs, and gather the information you need to evaluate suppliers, negotiate terms, assess tradeoffs, and make better, data-driven sourcing decisions.


Achieve target costs and increase speed to market

Use Directworks to manage a product’s bill-of-materials (BOM) through the costing and supplier selection process. Assign activities, monitor progress, and make changes as required to achieve target costs. Apply powerful automation to accelerate the process and increase your speed to market.


Manage suppliers through part quality approvals

Use Directworks to coordinate the evaluation and approval of a supplier’s manufacturing processes and parts for production. Track progress, manage communications, and maintain all documentation in one system.


Collaborate to innovate

Work closely with stakeholders and suppliers in a secure environment to drive product innovation, cost improvements, and a greater level of engagement. Directworks goes beyond basic collaboration capabilities to incorporate discussions and technical designs directly into your business processes.


Create valuable insight

Develop a deeper understanding of your product costs and your suppliers. The more you use Directworks, the more valuable it becomes. That’s because you’re building an incredible database of rich information that can be analyzed and utilized across your enterprise to make better supply decisions.


Monitor and manage supplier concerns

With Directworks, you can maintain a comprehensive record of your suppliers’ capabilities, capacities, compliance, performance, and risk. Then use that intelligence to actively monitor your suppliers and be alerted of any concerns that could impact product sales and profitability.


Get more done in less time

Using Directworks is like applying LEAN principles to your business processes. By automating low value work, you can focus on more strategic activities and get a whole lot more done.


Experience greater adoption & value with unlimited access

Directworks is built for widespread use by many functional groups within your enterprise as well as your suppliers. Its modern design provides an intuitive user experience while delivering a wide range of powerful sourcing and supplier management capabilities. And with enterprise licensing for unlimited users, there’s literally no limit to the value you can achieve with Directworks.


Succeed with a platform that adapts to the way you work

You’ve developed standard processes and approval workflows to manage your business. Directworks’ flexible architecture allows you to configure and automate these processes to realize greater productivity while ensuring your standard procedures are followed. It’s the best of both worlds.

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