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Suppliers Matter More Than Ever

The shift from vertical to virtual integration dramatically increased the manufacturing industry’s dependence on suppliers. Today’s market dynamics have further elevated many of your supply partners to strategic contributors of customer value and profitable growth.

In this era of disruptive innovation, shorter product lifecycles, shifting global cost structures, and emerging market opportunities, your supply decisions directly impact your ability to achieve your company’s growth and profitability objectives.

By making better supply decisions and changing the way you work with suppliers, you can turn your direct materials supply chain into a competitive advantage that enables you to achieve product cost targets, launch new products faster, and deliver greater value to your customers. To accomplish this, you must utilize a supplier engagement approach that supports your efforts to drive product innovation, improve costs, and create profitable growth.

Why Choose Directworks

Directworks provides cloud-based solutions that enable manufacturers to select the best supply partners and maximize the value of their supplier relationships.

Today’s faster paced, increasingly complex business environment is changing the way that manufacturers select and work with their supply partners. Directworks’ mission is to help our customers choose the best suppliers and extract greater value from their supplier relationships in a manner that helps drive the customer’s overall business strategy.

How Directworks Helps You Succeed

Directworks provides a cloud-based supplier engagement platform that enables manufacturers to select the best suppliers, launch products faster at target cost, and maximize the value of their supplier relationships.

Built exclusively for the sourcing and supplier management needs of manufacturers, Directworks provides unique capabilities to help you achieve product cost objectives and attain a higher level of supplier engagement.

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