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The Proof of Value Pilot

We recognize that a strong business case is important to drive commitment to operational improvements. We've built a very simple model to identify your specific challenge areas and to demonstrate a solution fit. We call this approach our POV pilot, which stands for “Proof of Value.”

Real Projects.  Real Savings.

The Directworks Proof of Value program allows your team to evaluate the solution and achieve real benefits before committing to a long-term agreement. In a software site configured specifically for your company, your team will execute 2-3 real sourcing projects. Our customer success team provides hands-on support from beginning to end.

Customer Example

In late 2012, a tier one automotive company started a POV pilot with Directworks and conducted three RFQs for new products involving multiple sites and a global supply base. Examples of the before-and-after measurements captured were:

  • 50% time reduction for RFQ workflow approval.
  • 67% time reduction for RFQ distribution to suppliers.
  • 70% time reduction for quotation analysis.

These time savings were used to support a business decision to move forward with a large-scale deployment.

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Getting Started

As shown below, the steps are straightforward. The commercial agreement is simple, and the cost is minimal to cover our configuration and consulting time only.

First, we'll work with you to identify a business and IT sponsor for the pilot. We'll take a look at your current sourcing process and identify your needs and where you can get the most out of the solution. Next, we’ll configure your site and train you on the software. You'll execute projects, and throughout the program you'll receive our high-quality support.

Then, based on the pilot results and a business case to move forward, we’ll develop a plan for full rollout and on-going programmatic success.

Contact us to get started. Let us show you that there's a better way to streamline your direct materials sourcing process.