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Creating a Business Case for Sourcing Automation: A Manufacturer's Guide

With a simple, new approach, Andrew Bartolini of Ardent Partners will provide a business case template AND walk you through the six steps to complete it successfully.

Andrew Bartolini of CPO Rising and Ardent Partners guides you through the process of building a business case for sourcing automation tools including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Problem and Opportunity
  • Current State
  • Project Overview
  • Conclusion

"Manufacturers utilizing manual processes to source the direct materials that comprise their products have an extraordinary opportunity to leverage automation and drive great value across the enterprise. And yet, while the value proposition of an eSourcing solution is straightforward, articulating and presenting a business case for a solution can be complex, time-consuming, and difficult."

- Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners