Directworks Sourcing and supplier management in the cloud

Select the best suppliers with data-driven sourcing decisions.

When sourcing direct materials, manufacturers require a complete view of the total cost, quality, risk, and lead time associated with the suppliers who provide the components they use to build their products. Directworks Strategic Sourcing enables you to more efficiently engage suppliers, obtain and analyze this information, negotiate from a solid fact base, and make the best sourcing decisions.


Built for the strategic sourcing needs of manufacturers.

Unlike other one-size-fits-all sourcing solutions, Directworks Strategic Sourcing is built to manage the sourcing requirements of manufacturers and provides coverage for all categories of spend: direct materials, CAPEX, and indirect goods and services. 

Directworks Strategic Sourcing enables you to:

  • Configure and automate your unique sourcing processes and quoting templates in an enterprise system to standardize work and promote best practices while increasing sourcing efficiency by 2X 
  • Securely incorporate technical design documents, including 2D drawings and 3D models, directly into your sourcing process to clearly communicate your requirements
  • Collect and analyze any information you need to evaluate suppliers, negotiate terms, assess trade-offs, and make smarter, data-driven sourcing decisions based on total landed cost

Key features of Directworks Strategic Sourcing include:

  • Configuration and automation of your sourcing processes, quoting and reporting templates, and workflows
  • A product-centric, total landed cost quoting and analysis framework for sourcing direct materials 
  • Secure sharing of technical documents, including mark-up and discussions 
  • Unlimited, but controlled, access for your cross-functional teams and your suppliers

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