Directworks Sourcing and supplier management in the cloud

Finally, sourcing software that's purpose-built for manufacturers.Total Cost Analysis

When sourcing direct materials, manufacturers require a complete view of the total cost, quality, risk, and lead time associated with the suppliers who provide the components they use to build their products.

Directworks' sourcing software enables you to more efficiently engage suppliers, obtain and analyze this information, and make the best sourcing decisions.

Download 'The Manufacturer's Guide to Sourcing and Supplier Management Automation' to understand how technology can help you sustain profitable revenue growth.

Manufacturers use Directworks’ sourcing software to reduce costs, improve sourcing cycle times, and manage supply chain risk.

Lower your product costs
Directworks’ total cost templates provide clear visibility into every aspect of cost in your suppliers’ quotes, enabling you to make the best sourcing decisions based on total landed cost (and save millions in the process).

Get more done in less time
Automation and standardization of your sourcing processes in Directworks enables you to perform more sourcing activities in less time, a key advantage in new product introduction (NPI) projects.

Improve supplier management
Directworks enables you to collect and monitor capacity, performance, and compliance information to create greater insight into your suppliers. Learn more about supplier management solutions from Directworks.

Manage risk
A central repository of supplier, product, and project information allows you to line up alternative suppliers in the case of natural disaster, supplier non-conformance, or spike in demand.


Key features of Directworks' sourcing solution:
- RFx (RFI, RFP, RFQ) automation
- Total cost analysis
- BOM-centric sourcing
- Secure sharing of technical data and drawings
- Reporting, dashboards, and analytics

Download the Directworks data sheet for a comprehensive list of features.

Sourcing and Supplier Management in the Cloud
Because Directworks is delivered as a service (SaaS), you can get started quickly with minimal up-front cost. See how. Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and start saving millions like these customers.