Directworks Sourcing and supplier management in the cloud

Achieve product cost targets and increase speed to market.

Directworks Product Manager enables you to collaboratively manage a product's bill-of-materials (BOM) through costing and supplier selection activities. Assign work, monitor progress, and track the BOM cost against target cost.

For new product development and introductions, Product Manager enables you to:


  • Engage suppliers earlier in the product development process and accelerate speed to launch
  • Identify product cost concerns while you still have time to make design changes and achieve target cost at launch
  • Evaluate the impact of part and supplier changes on the cost of the BOM

Monitor active products to identify and address supplier concerns that put value at risk.

Once a product is in production, use Product Manager to monitor the suppliers assigned to the BOM and identify any potential concerns that may impact sales and profitability. Proactively address supplier concerns to minimize risks that may affect top-line growth and product profitability.

For active products, Product Manager enables you to:

  • Monitor your product portfolio and the strategic suppliers who provide critical product components
  • Achieve early visibility into supplier concerns (e.g. capacity, quality, delivery) that may put value at risk
  • Take action to resolve supplier concerns before they impact sales and profitability

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Seeking design partners!

Directworks is in the early stages of developing this solution and we are seeking design partners from the manufacturing industry to provide input into the solution requirements and functional design in exchange for attractive pricing. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Directworks design partner.

The Manufacturer’s Guide to Sourcing and Supplier Management Automation.

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