Directworks Sourcing and supplier management in the cloud

Sourcing is just the beginning.

Selecting the right direct material suppliers is a critical part of managing your supply chain, but it doesn’t end there. Manufacturers must manage other key supporting processes to ensure that sourced parts are delivered on time and meet quality specifications.

Directworks, you can automate, track, and report on these processes and deliver on your sourcing objectives.

Beyond quoting, direct materials sourcing involves other process steps to ensure that the materials you're sourcing meet your quality standards and delivery requirements. Directworks helps you automate and track these processes so you can get your products to market, profitably.

Directworks you can automate key activities such as:
  • Early supplier collaboration for New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Parts qualification (PPAP, FAI)
  • Engineering project tracking
  • Purchase order approval process
  • Transfer of parts from one supplier to another, off-shore or near-shore
  • Additional supporting workflows
Contact us to learn how you can automate your key processes beyond sourcing. 
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