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We serve global manufacturers who engineer and build products of their own design.

From self-contained breathing apparatus to power steering systems, our customers create amazing products across the entire spectrum of manufacturing. Regardless of industry vertical, Directworks helps product manufacturers select the best suppliers and extract greater value from their supplier relationships. Contact us to learn how our cloud-based collaboration platform can help you achieve your goals.

+Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense
Today's A&D enterprises, whether their focus is general aviation, commercial aerospace, or military initiatives, have fundamentally changed the way they source components and manufacture their commercial and military systems.

Vertical integration has given way to a virtually integrated enterprise of supply partners and systems integrators where effective cost management, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property protection pose significant challenges.

A&D companies have adopted
Directworks' solutions to enable a greater level of collaboration on their direct material cost management and compliance initiatives, both internally and with external supply partners.


Automakers rely on critical relationships with multi-tiered supply networks to meet ever-changing customer demand. Without effective direct material sourcing programs, automotive manufacturers can face critical cost and supply issues that impact both top-and-bottom-line performance.

Today's automotive environment requires close coordination with supply partners as well as strong collaboration among the engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing teams within the buying organization. The ability to effectively execute cost management initiatives across these functions can mean the difference between success and failure.

Leading automotive companies use
Directworks' solutions to improve collaboration across their enterprise and drive a higher level of cost management performance.

+Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
Consumer goods manufacturers have experienced firsthand the influence of globalization in the past decade. Low cost country sourcing and manufacturing expansion in emerging regions have provided significant cost advantages and opened new markets and growth opportunities.

Today's consumers demand increased variety, real-time availability, and continued product innovation while consumer goods manufacturers must operate in a world of increased supply chain complexity that requires faster time-to-market.

Leading consumer goods companies use
Directworks' solutions to accelerate product launches and hit target product margins.

+Diversified Industrial

Diversified Industrial
Diversified industrial manufacturers are seeing tremendous growth opportunities in emerging regions as continued prosperity is creating a sustained requirement for infrastructure improvements and local market expansion. Manufacturers are executing strategies to capitalize on this boom and position themselves to capture a greater market share in these emerging regions.

As global markets shift, diversified industrial manufacturers must adjust their sourcing strategies to effectively manage costs across their global supply chains and remain competitive. Direct material sourcing decisions must be based on much more than price…lead times, quality, capacity, and risk are all important factors. 

Leading diversified industrial companies use
Directworks to save time, gather the right information, and make better sourcing decisions.

+High Tech

High Tech
To be competitive, high-technology manufacturers must continue to decrease the time it takes to design, manufacture, and launch their products. As consumers demand the latest innovations new products are being introduced more frequently than ever before and marketed across multiple sales channels.

As product innovation and channel strategies evolve, so too does the complexity of high technology supply chains. Companies must effectively manage multi-channel distribution strategies and partner with the best suppliers for sourced components. This environment demands a greater degree of enterprise collaboration to manage costs and achieve target margins.

High-technology companies can use
Directworks' solutions to accelerate product launches and hit target product margins.

+Medical Devices

Medical Devices
Medical device manufacturers are seeing tremendous opportunities for growth due in part to the aging population around the world. This demographic trend is driving aggressive expansion into emerging markets, a greater focus on product specialization, and the development of global sourcing strategies to support expansion plans.

As a result, supply chains are feeling the strain. Global expansion is creating new challenges as companies must determine the best way to operate in demanding regulatory environments while rapidly evolving their technology to keep pace with market demands.

Medical device companies can use
Directworks' solutions to improve process efficiencies, make better direct material sourcing decisions, and create a competitive advantage.