Directworks Sourcing and supplier management in the cloud

Directworks provides cloud-based solutions that enable manufacturers to select the best supply partners and maximize the value of their supplier relationships.

Today's faster paced, increasingly complex business environment is changing the way that manufacturers select and work with their supply partners. Directworks' mission is to help our customers choose the best suppliers and extract greater value from their supplier relationships in a manner that helps drive the customer's overall business strategy.

Capturing greater value from your supply partners requires a different approach to sourcing and supplier management.

You need a better way to select and work with supply partners to achieve target costs, deliver greater value to your customers, and drive profitable growth. Spreadsheets, ERP modules, and PLM solutions are not the answer and one-size-fits-all sourcing and supplier management solutions are not designed to support the complexities of direct materials spend. Directworks is.

Do you have any of these challenges? Directworks can help.

"We need a more complete picture of critical supplier selection criteria to make important supply decisions. We want to have more effective negotiations, make smarter sourcing decisions, and improve our product costs."

Directworks provides a comprehensive view of cost and non-cost factors so you can engage in fact-based negotiations and make data-driven sourcing decisions to achieve target costs. 

"We need greater visibility into our suppliers to fully understand their capabilities, capacities, compliance, performance, and risk. We want to minimize our risk of supply shortages, product failures, and compliance problems."

Directworks enables deeper insight into your suppliers so you can proactively monitor their capacities, compliance and performance and take action to reduce supply risks.

"We want to engage key stakeholders and suppliers in new product development activities, innovation strategies, and cost improvement initiatives. We want to have more successful product launches, accelerate our time to market, and drive profitable revenue growth."

Directworks provides a collaborative workspace for early and active involvement of stakeholders and supply partners in new product development, innovation, and cost improvement efforts. This leads to greater new product launch success, faster speed to market, and profitable top-line growth.

"We want to free our people from tactical, inefficient work to increase their productivity and strategic contributions. We want to create more value from the data and information we are collecting."

Directworks delivers business process automation in an enterprise system that minimizes tactical work and increases productivity so people can source more spend. All of the data is available in one system and can be used to improve insight and decision making across your company. 

What is Directworks and what can it do for me?

Directworks is a cloud-based collaboration platform that enables you to select the best suppliers, achieve product cost targets, and capture greater value from your supplier relationships. Unlike other procurement solutions, Directworks is built exclusively for the sourcing and supplier value management needs of manufacturers and provides unique capabilities to help you achieve product cost objectives and attain a higher level of supplier engagement.

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